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Specialized Plots

Bar graphs, histograms, pie charts, contour plots, function plotters


area Create filled area 2-D plot
bar Create vertical bar graph
barh Create horizontal bar graph
contour Create contour graph of matrix
contour3 Create 3-D contour plot
contourc Create two-level contour plot computation
contourf Create filled 2-D contour plot
ezcontour Easy-to-use contour plotter
ezcontourf Easy-to-use filled contour plotter
comet Create 2-D comet plot
comet3 Create 3-D comet plot
feather Plot velocity vectors
quiver Create quiver or velocity plot
quiver3 Create 3-D quiver or velocity plot
stairs Create stairstep graph
stem Plot discrete sequence data
stem3 Plot 3-D discrete sequence data
ezmesh Easy-to-use 3-D mesh plotter
ezplot Easy-to-use function plotter
ezplot3 Easy-to-use 3-D parametric curve plotter
ezpolar Easy-to-use polar coordinate plotter
ezsurf Easy-to-use 3-D colored surface plotter
ezsurfc Easy-to-use combination surface/contour plotter
fplot Plot function between specified limits
hist Create histogram plot
histc Histogram count
rose Create angle histogram
plotmatrix Draw scatter plots
scatter Create scatter or bubble plot
scatter3 Create 3-D scatter or bubble plot
pcolor Create pseudocolor plot
ribbon Create ribbon plot
slice Create volumetric slice plot
waterfall Create waterfall plot
voronoi Create Voronoi diagram
voronoin Create n-D Voronoi diagram
compass Plot arrows emanating from origin
patch Create patch graphics object
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