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MATLAB Language Features Supported for C/C++ Code Generation

MATLAB Features That Code Generation Supports

Code generation from MATLAB® code supports the following language features:

MATLAB Language Features That Code Generation Does Not Support

Code generation from MATLAB does not support the following frequently used MATLAB features:

  • implicit expansion

    Code generation does not support implicit expansion of arrays with compatible sizes during execution of element-wise operations or functions. If your MATLAB code relies on implicit expansion, code generation results in a size-mismatch error. For fixed-size arrays, the error occurs at compile time. For variable-size arrays, the error occurs at run time. For more information about implicit expansion, see Compatible Array Sizes for Basic Operations (MATLAB).

  • string arrays

  • categorical arrays

  • date and time arrays

  • Java®

  • Map containers

  • sparse matrices

  • tables

  • time series objects

  • try/catch statements

This list is not exhaustive. To see if a feature is supported for code generation, see MATLAB Features That Code Generation Supports.

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