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Run Management

Run Management

The Fixed-Point Tool supports multiple runs. Each run uses one set of model settings to simulate the model or to derive or propose data types. You can:

  • Store multiple runs.

  • Specify custom run names.

  • Propose data types based on the results in any run.

  • Apply data type proposals based on any run.

  • Compare the results of any two runs.

  • Rename runs directly in the Fixed-Point Tool Contents pane.

You can easily switch between different run setups using the factory default configuration settings. Alternatively, you can manually manage runs.

Run Management with the Shortcut Editor

You can use shortcuts prior to simulation to configure the run name as well as to configure model-wide data type override and instrumentation settings. The Fixed-Point Tool provides:

  • Frequently used factory default configurations, such as Range collection using double override, which sets up your model so that you can override all fixed-point data types with double-precision numbers and logs the simulation minimum and maximum values and overflows.

      Note:   You can set up user-defined shortcuts across referenced model boundaries. The factory default shortcuts apply only to the top-level model and so do not affect the settings of any referenced model.

  • The ability to add and edit custom shortcuts. The shortcuts are saved with the model so that you define them once and then reuse them multiple times. Use the Shortcut Editor in the Advanced Settings dialog to create or edit shortcuts and to add and organize shortcut buttons in the Fixed-Point Tool Configure model settings pane.

      Note:   You can use user-defined shortcuts across referenced model boundaries.

Manual Run Management

You can also manually manage runs using the following settings:

  • In the Range collection pane, Run name.

    Provide a new run name before a simulation or collecting derived minimum and maximum values so that you do not overwrite existing runs.

  • Under Configure model settings, in the Advanced Settings dialog:

    • Fixed-point instrumentation mode

    • Data type override

    • Data type override applies to

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