Control Views in the Fixed-Point Tool

The following sections describe how to control the amount of information that is shown in the Fixed-Point Tool. Within the Fixed-Point Tool, you can filter the results that are displayed at a given time by run, or by the subsystem in which the result belongs. You can also add or remove the columns that are shown in the spreadsheet of the Fixed-Point Tool.

Filter Results by Run

In the Fixed-Point Tool, each time you collect ranges, either through simulation or derived range analysis, or run an embedded simulation, the tool stores the collected information in a run. Using the Run Browser, you can filter the results shown in the spreadsheet. Select the runs that you want to view in the spreadsheet.

If you want to delete a run, click the icon.

Filter Results by Subsystem

By default, the Fixed-Point Tool displays only the results for model objects in your specified system under design. To filter the results shown or to see additional results, you can select a different node in the model hierarchy pane. The spreadsheet displays all model objects at and below the selected node.

To view the data objects specified in your model, click the Data Objects node in the tree.

Control Column Views

As you follow the workflow for converting your model to fixed point using the Fixed-Point Tool, the tool displays the spreadsheet columns that are most pertinent to your current step in the workflow. If you want to view additional columns, you can add them to the spreadsheet using the button in the top-right corner of the spreadsheet.

You can sort the results in the spreadsheet by clicking the header of the column on which you want to sort.

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