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Viewing Results With the Simulation Data Inspector

Why Use the Simulation Data Inspector

Using the Simulation Data Inspector to inspect and compare data after converting your floating-point model to fixed point facilitates tracking numerical error propagation.

When to Use the Simulation Data Inspector

Use the Simulation Data Inspector to:

  • Plot multiple signals in one or more axes

  • Compare a signal in different runs

  • Compare all logged signal data from different runs

  • Export signal logging results to a MAT-file

  • Specify tolerances for signal comparison

  • Create a report of the current view and data in the Simulation Data Inspector

What You Can Inspect in the Simulation Data Inspector

The Fixed-Point Tool uses the Simulation Data Inspector (Simulink) tool plotting capabilities that enable you to plot signals for graphical analysis. The tool can access signal data that resides in the MATLAB® workspace, allowing you to plot simulation results associated with:

  • Scope blocks whose Save data to workspace parameter is selected

  • To Workspace blocks

  • Root-level Outport blocks, when the Output check box on the Data Import/Export pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box is selected

  • Logged signal data

    Tip:   The Contents pane of the Fixed-Point Tool displays an antenna icon next to items that you can plot.

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