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To determine if the Fixed-Point Designer™ software is installed on your system, type


at the MATLAB® command line. When you enter this command, the MATLAB Command Window displays information about the version of MATLAB software you are running, including a list of installed add-on products and their version numbers. Check the list to see if the Fixed-Point Designer software appears.

For information about installing this product, refer to the installation documentation.

If you experience installation difficulties and have Web access, look for the installation and license information at the MathWorks® Web site (

Sharing Fixed-Point Models

You can edit a model containing fixed-point blocks without the Fixed-Point Designer software. However, you must have a Fixed-Point Designer software license to

  • Update a Simulink® diagram (Ctrl+D) containing fixed-point data types

  • Run a model containing fixed-point data types

  • Generate code from a model containing fixed-point data types

  • Log the minimum and maximum values produced by a simulation

  • Automatically scale the output of a model

If you do not have the Fixed-Point Designer software, you can work with a model containing Simulink blocks with fixed-point settings as follows:

  1. In the Model Hierarchy pane, select the root model.

  2. From the Simulink model Analysis menu, select Fixed-Point Tool.

    In the Fixed-Point Tool:

    • Set the Fixed-point instrumentation mode parameter to Force Off.

    • Set the Data type override parameter to Double or Single.

    • Set the Data type override applies to parameter to All numeric types.

  3. If you use fi objects or embedded numeric data types in your model, set the fipref DataTypeOverride property to TrueDoubles and the DataTypeOverride property to All numeric types.

    At the MATLAB command line, enter:

     p = fipref('DataTypeOverride', 'TrueDoubles', ...
    		'DataTypeOverrideAppliesTo', 'AllNumericTypes');

    Note:   If you use fi objects or embedded numeric data types in your model or workspace, you might introduce fixed-point data types into your model. You can set fipref to prevent the checkout of a Fixed-Point Designer license.

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