Verify Fixed-Point Data Types

Compare fixed-point and floating-point model behavior


DataTypeWorkflow.Converter Create fixed-point converter object
DataTypeWorkflow.Result Object containing run result information
DataTypeWorkflow.DiffRunResult Results from comparing two simulation runs
DataTypeWorkflow.DiffSignalResult Results from comparing two signals

Examples and How To

Debug a Fixed-Point Model

Describes a method for debugging a fixed-point model

View Simulation Results

Use the Simulation Data Inspector to view simulation results and compare runs to verify your fixed-point design.

Model Multiple Data Type Behaviors Using a Data Dictionary

Learn how to use referenced data dictionaries to store multiple sets of data types for a model. This example also shows how to change the data types by switching the referenced data dictionary.


Automatic Data Typing Using Derived Ranges

Workflow for autoscaling a model using range analysis.

Fixed-Point Tool

Introduces the Fixed-Point Tool

Viewing Results With the Simulation Data Inspector

How to use the Simulation Data Inspector to examine simulation data and verify your fixed-point design.

The Command-Line Interface for the Fixed-Point Tool

Highlight the differences between the command-line interface workflow and the Fixed-Point Tool workflow


Data Type Propagation Errors After Applying Proposed Data Types

Under certain conditions, the Fixed-Point Tool may propose a data type that is not compatible with the model.

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