Defuzzify membership function


out = defuzz(x,mf,type) 


defuzz(x,mf,type) returns a defuzzified value out, of a membership function mf positioned at associated variable value x, using one of several defuzzification strategies, according to the argument, type. The variable type can be one of the following:

  • centroid: centroid of area

  • bisector: bisector of area

  • mom: mean value of maximum

  • som: smallest (absolute) value of maximum

  • lom: largest (absolute) value of maximum

If type is not one of those listed, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox™ software assumes it to be a user-defined function. x and mf are passed to this function to generate the defuzzified output.


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Obtain Defuzzified Value

x = -10:0.1:10;
mf = trapmf(x,[-10 -8 -4 7]);
out = defuzz(x,mf,'centroid')
out =


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