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Open Clustering tool




findcluster opens a GUI to implement either fuzzy c-means (fcm), fuzzy subtractive clustering (subtractiv) using the pull-down tab under Method on the GUI,. Data is entered using the Load Data button. The options for each of these methods are set to default values. These default values can be changed. See the fcm reference page for a description of the options for fuzzy c-means. The subclust reference page provides a description of the options for subtractive clustering.

This tool works on multidimensional data sets, but only displays two of those dimensions. Use the pull-down tabs under X-axis and Y-axis to select which data dimension you want to view. For example, if you have five-dimensional data, this tool labels the data as data_1, data_2, data_3, data_4, and data_5, in the order in which the data appears in the data set. Click Start to perform the clustering, and Save Center to save the cluster center.

findcluster(fileName) opens the GUI, loads the data set in the file fileName, specified as a character vector or string, and plots the first two dimensions of the data. You can choose which two dimensions of the data you want to view after the GUI appears.


Open Clustering Tool and Load Data Set


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Introduced before R2006a

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