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Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
addmfAdd membership function to fuzzy inference system
addruleAdd rule to fuzzy inference system
addvarAdd variable to fuzzy inference system
anfisTune Sugeno-type fuzzy inference system using training data
anfisOptionsOption set for anfis command
convertfisConvert Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Version 1.0 Fuzzy Inference System matrix to current-version Fuzzy Inference System structure
defuzzDefuzzify membership function
dsigmfDifference between two sigmoidal membership functions
evalfisPerform fuzzy inference calculations
evalmfGeneric membership function evaluation
fcmFuzzy c-means clustering
findclusterOpen Clustering tool
fuzarithPerform fuzzy arithmetic
gauss2mfGaussian combination membership function
gaussmfGaussian curve membership function
gbellmfGeneralized bell-shaped membership function
genfisGenerate fuzzy inference system structure from data
genfis1(To be removed) Generate Fuzzy Inference System structure from data using grid partition
genfis2(To be removed) Generate Fuzzy Inference System structure from data using subtractive clustering
genfis3(To be removed) Generate Fuzzy Inference System structure from data using FCM clustering
genfisOptionsOption set for genfis command
gensurfGenerate fuzzy inference system output surface
gensurfOptionsOption set for gensurf command
getfisGet fuzzy system properties
mam2sugTransform Mamdani Fuzzy Inference System into Sugeno Fuzzy Inference System
mf2mfTranslate parameters between membership functions
mfeditOpen Membership Function Editor
newfisCreate new fuzzy inference system
parsruleParse fuzzy rules
pimfΠ-shaped membership function
plotfisPlot Fuzzy Inference System
plotmfPlot all membership functions for given variable
proborProbabilistic OR
psigmfProduct of two sigmoidal membership functions
readfisLoad Fuzzy Inference System from file
rmmfRemove membership function from fuzzy inference system
rmvarRemove variables from fuzzy inference system
ruleeditOpen Rule Editor
ruleviewOpen Rule Viewer
setfisSet fuzzy system properties
showfisDisplay annotated Fuzzy Inference System
showruleDisplay fuzzy inference system rules
sigmfSigmoidal membership function
smfS-shaped membership function
subclustFind cluster centers using subtractive clustering
surfviewOpen Surface Viewer
trapmfTrapezoidal-shaped membership function
trimfTriangular-shaped membership function
writefisSave fuzzy inference system to file
zmfZ-shaped membership function
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