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Translate parameters between membership functions


outParams = mf2mf(inParams,inType,outType) 


This function translates any built-in membership function type into another, in terms of its parameter set. In principle, mf2mf mimics the symmetry points for both the new and old membership functions.


Occasionally this translation results in lost information, so that if the output parameters are translated back into the original membership function type, the transformed membership function does not look the same as it did originally.

The input arguments for mf2mf are as follows:

  • inParams — Parameters of the membership function you are transforming from, specified as a row vector.

  • inType — Type of membership function you are transforming from.

  • outType — Type of membership function you are transforming to.

You can specify inType and outType as any of the following membership functions types:

Membership function typeDescriptionFor more information
'gbellmf'Generalized bell-shaped membership functiongbellmf
'gaussmf'Gaussian membership functiongaussmf
'gauss2mf'Gaussian combination membership functiongauss2mf
'trimf'Triangular membership functiontrimf
'trapmf'Trapezoidal membership functiontrapmf
'sigmfSigmoidal membership functionsigmf
'dsigmfDifference between two sigmoidal membership functionsdsigmf
'psigmfProduct of two sigmoidal membership functionspsigmf
'zmf'Z-shaped membership functionzmf
'pimf'Pi-shaped membership functionpimf
'smf'S-shaped membership functionsmf


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x = 0:0.1:5;
mf1 = [1 2 3];
mf2 = mf2mf(mf1,'gbellmf','trimf');
legend('Generalized bell-shaped','Triangle-shaped','Location','South')
ylim([-0.05 1.05])

Introduced before R2006a

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