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Values of simulated annealing options structure


val = saoptimget(options, 'name')
val = saoptimget(options, 'name', default)


val = saoptimget(options, 'name') returns the value of the parameter name from the simulated annealing options structure options. saoptimget(options, 'name') returns an empty matrix [] if the value of name is not specified in options. It is only necessary to type enough leading characters of name to uniquely identify the parameter. saoptimget ignores case in parameter names.

val = saoptimget(options, 'name', default) returns the 'name' parameter, but returns the default value if the 'name' parameter is not specified (or is []) in options.


opts = saoptimset('TolFun',1e-4);
val = saoptimget(opts,'TolFun');

returns val = 1e-4 for TolFun.

Introduced in R2007a

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