Installation Requirements

The Gauges Blockset™ software requires the MATLAB® and Simulink® products. It uses Component Object Model (COM) technology and runs only on 32-bit Microsoft® Windows® platforms.

Installing and Confirming Installation

To build and run the models in this manual, you must first install the Simulink and Gauges Blockset products. You can find instructions for installing these products in the installation documentation.

To determine what products are installed on your system, enter ver in the MATLAB Command Window.

Troubleshooting the Installation

Normally, the installation process automatically registers the Microsoft ActiveX® controls associated with Gauges Blockset software. However, in exceptional cases you might see an error message referring to an .ocx component, similar to the following message:

Copying Gauges Blockset files
ads.ocx self registering file did not register

If you see such a message, or if the graphical icons do not appear on the blocks in this blockset, then do the following:

  1. In the Windows Start menu, right-click Command Prompt and select run as administrator.

    You must have administrative privileges to use this menu item.

  2. In the Windows command window, type matlab -win32.

  3. In the MATLAB Command Window, type gauges_register_ocx.

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