Linear Gauges

Display input value on line


Blocks in the Linear Gauges library show their input value graphically on a scale that lies along a line. If the input value is greater than the scale's maximum or less than the scale's minimum, then the block displays the maximum or minimum value, respectively. To learn how to use and customize blocks in this library, see Linear Gauges Library.

    Note:   Some blocks in this library can display multiple pointers. The Multiple Scales block displays multiple pointers by default. To learn how to control multiple pointers simultaneously, see Controlling Multiple Graphical Elements.

Blocks in the Library

The Linear Gauges library contains ActiveX® Control blocks preconfigured with ActiveX controls from Global Majic. The blocks fall into two categories, pointer gauges and bar gauges.

The pointer linear gauges are:

The bar linear gauges are:

Dialog Box

Properties of All Library Blocks

The ActiveX Control Properties dialog box governs the appearance and functionality of the control that is embedded in the block. The table below lists the panels of the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box for all blocks in this library.

BackgroundConfigure the background and outline of the block
CaptionsDisplay annotations on the block
DigitalDisplay the numerical value corresponding to the pointer
FontsDefine text styles (The Captions, Digital, and Ticks panels use the FontID property to reference the styles defined here.)
LibraryRefer to property settings as a named collection
TicksDisplay markers and/or numbers at intervals along the scale

The Block Parameters dialog box governs the relationship between the Simulink® block and the control embedded in the block. See Block Parameters for the ActiveX Control Block for details.

Properties Specific to Certain Library Blocks

The ActiveX Control Properties dialog box of the pointer linear gauges has additional panels as in the table below.

BandsDisplay linear or rectangular regions along the block's scale
PointersDisplay one or more pointers on the block (The Digital panel uses the PointerID property to reference the pointers defined here.)
ScalesDefine the ranges and locations of values displayed on the block (The Bands, Pointers, and Ticks panels use the ScaleID property to reference the ranges defined here.)

The ActiveX Control Properties dialog box of the bar gauges has additional panels as in the table below.

BarDefine the appearance of the linear bar
GeneralDefine the range and orientation of the block's scale
KnobDefine the appearance of the level indicator

Introduced before R2006a

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