Modifying Properties of Blocks

Accessing the Properties

You can view properties of the controls by using one of these procedures:

  • Double-click the active area of the block that contains the control.

  • Right-click the active area of the block and select the Control Display Properties option.

After you select the Control Display Properties option, the ActiveX® Control Properties dialog box appears. This dialog box enables you to modify properties of the control.

If you modify values in this dialog box, then the block is visually updated immediately. However, the changes are not permanent until you choose OK or Apply; if you choose Cancel, then the changes will be undone.

Example of Modifying Properties

Returning to the model that you built in the section Building an Example Model, you can modify the range of output values by modifying the properties of the Lower Right block. For example, the instructions below change the maximum needle value from 100 to 150.

  1. Open the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box by double-clicking the active area of the Lower Right block.

  2. Display the panel that controls the scaling of values by clicking the Scales tab.

  3. Set the Max parameter to 150.

  4. Display the panel that controls tick marks by clicking the Ticks tab.

  5. Set the TickCount (Major Ticks) parameter to 3. This prevents the block from looking too crowded.

The resulting model looks like this:

Learning More About Properties

Gauges Blockset™ blocks have many properties. Changing the appearance of a block might require changing several properties and can be quite complex. Modifying Properties of a Control discusses how to make some common changes, such as changing the range of values displayed on a block.

For information about specific properties, consult the help for the control by double-clicking the question-mark block that appears in each sublibrary within the Gauges Blockset library. Some sublibraries provide more than one question-mark block when the blocks contained in that sublibrary are significantly different from each other. Once in the Help window, use the Properties link to display information about block properties.

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