Moving and Selecting ActiveX Control Blocks

The way you move and select blocks in the Gauges Blockset™ library differs from how you move and select a block in the Simulink® library. Blocks in the Gauges Blockset library consist of an "active" area containing the actual Microsoft® ActiveX® control, and a border surrounding the active area. The border gives you a way to manipulate the block without affecting the control.

The table below describes how to manipulate a Gauges Blockset block.

TaskMouse Action
Add block to modelFrom the Simulink Library Browser, drag the block by its icon in the right pane.
From the library window (displaying blocks as icons), drag the block by its border.
Move blockDrag the block's border. You can do this only if the border is visible.
Select blockClick the block's border. Or "rubber-band select" the block.
Resize blockSelect the block, and then drag one of the selection handles (as you would resize a Simulink block).

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