On Off Gauges Library

Library Overview

The On Off Gauges library contains gauges that can display two states, on and off. A block input of 0 corresponds to an "off" state and a block input of 1 corresponds to an "on" state. The blocks in this library differ in cosmetic ways, such as the images shown on the block. The library provides:

  • Display elements — image, text, sound, beveling

  • Preconfigured controls — Dip Switch Readout, Happy Face, Light Bulb, Lock, Mailbox, On Off Readout

Customizing On Off Gauges

The table below lists some common ways to customize a block in the On Off Gauges library, using its ActiveX® Control Properties dialog box.

Associate an image with a stateUse the Picture button on the On or Off panel to select a graphics file. You cannot associate both an image and text with a state.
Associate text with a stateUse the Caption field on the On or Off panel. The X and Y values control the position of the text. The BackColor and ForeColor buttons control the colors of the background and text, respectively. You cannot associate both an image and text with a state.
Associate a sound with a stateOn the On or Off panel, check the Sound check box and type the name of a .wav file in the Wave file field. You can either type the name of the sound file or browse for it using the ... button.
Use beveling to make the button appear three-dimensionalUse the BevelInner and BevelOuter properties on the Background panel.

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