Saving and Reusing a Customized Control

Saving Customized Controls Automatically

Saving the model also saves the property settings for the Gauges Blockset™ blocks in the model file. To share your customized controls with other users, give them the model file. To use your customized block in a new model, copy the block from the old model and paste it into the new model.

Saving Customized Controls Using the Library Panel

Alternatively, you can use the ActiveX® Control Properties dialog box to save property settings for later use on your own machine. However, this method does not enable you to share these customized controls with users of other machines. The steps are

  1. Select the Library tab of the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box.

  2. Assign a name to the collection of modified settings by entering a new name in the Configuration Name field.

      Note:   If you leave this field blank, the new property settings write over the previous settings, which means that you cannot access the original version except by reinstalling the blockset or by registering the controls again. To learn how to register the controls, see Troubleshooting the Installation.

  3. To provide textual information about the block, click Notes.

  4. Enter a description in the text area and click OK.

  5. Select the folder in which to store the modified control by expanding the library hierarchy at the left. The new set of property settings is stored in the folder you select. Click Store.

  6. Click OK to accept the changes and close the dialog box.

An alternative to this procedure is to export customized controls to .gms files. To do this, select a folder from the left side of the panel and click Export. You can later access these controls by using the Import button, or share the controls by sharing the .gms files.

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