Generate model containing HDL Cosimulation block(s) for simulation of filter in Simulink


'off' (default)

Do not generate HDL Cosimulation blocks.


If your installation is licensed for one or more of the following HDL simulation products, the coder generates and opens a Simulink® model that contains an HDL Cosimulation block for each licensed product:

  • HDL Verifier™ for use with Mentor Graphics® ModelSim®

  • HDL Verifier for use with Cadence Incisive®

The coder configures the generated HDL Cosimulation blocks to conform to the port and data type interface of the filter selected for code generation. By connecting an HDL Cosimulation block to a Simulink model in place of the filter, you can cosimulate your design with the desired HDL simulator.

The coder appends the string (if one exists) specified by the CosimLibPostfix property to the names of the generated HDL Cosimulation blocks.

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