Select synthesis tool for which the coder generates scripts.



Default: 'none'.

HDLSynthTool enables or disables generation of scripts for third-party synthesis tools. By default, the coder does not generate a synthesis script. To generate a script for one of the supported synthesis tools, set HDLSynthTool to one of the strings given in the following table.

    Tip   The value of HDLSynthTool also sets the postfix string (HDLSynthFilePostfix) that the coder appends to generated synthesis script file names.

Choice of HDLSynthTool Value...Generates Script For...Sets HDLSynthFilePostfix To...
noneN/A; script generation disabledN/A
'ISE'Xilinx® ISE'_ise.tcl'
'Precision'Mentor Graphics® Precision'_precision.tcl'
'Quartus'Altera® Quartus II'_quartus.tcl'

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