Specify number and size of partitions generated for serial filter architectures



Generate a fully serial architecture for a filter of length N.

[p1 p2 p3...pN]

Where [p1 p2 p3...pN] is a vector of N integers, generate a partly serial architecture with N partitions. Each element of the vector specifies the length of the corresponding partition. The sum of the vector elements must be equal to the length of the filter.

{[p1 p2 p3...pNa], [p1 p2 p3...pNb],...}

Where each vector in a cell array represents a serial partitioning of an individual filter within a cascade of filters.

Usage Notes

To save chip area in a partly serial architecture, you can enable the ReuseAccum property.

See Speed vs. Area Tradeoffs for a complete description of parallel and serial architectures and a list of filter types supported for each architecture.

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