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System Identification Toolbox Blocks

Alphabetical List By Category
Extended Kalman Filter Estimate states of discrete-time nonlinear system using extended Kalman filter
IDDATA Sink Export iddata object to MATLAB workspace
IDDATA Source Import iddata object from MATLAB workspace
IDMODEL Model Simulate identified linear model in Simulink software
IDNLARX Model Simulate nonlinear ARX model in Simulink software
IDNLGREY Model Simulate nonlinear grey-box model in Simulink software
IDNLHW Model Simulate Hammerstein-Wiener model in Simulink software
Kalman Filter Estimate states of discrete-time or continuous-time linear system
Model Type Converter Convert polynomial model coefficients to state-space model matrices
Recursive Least Squares Estimator Estimate model coefficients using recursive least squares (RLS) algorithm
Recursive Polynomial Model Estimator Estimate input-output and time-series polynomial model coefficients
Unscented Kalman Filter Estimate states of discrete-time nonlinear system using unscented Kalman filter
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