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Data Extraction

Extract numerical data including coefficients and uncertainties, subreferencing, concatenating, and merging models


polydata Access polynomial coefficients and uncertainties of identified model
ssdata Access state-space model data
idssdata State-space data of identified system
tfdata Access transfer function data
zpkdata Access zero-pole-gain data
frdata Access data for frequency response data (FRD) object
freqresp Frequency response over grid
getpvec Model parameters and associated uncertainty data
setpvec Modify value of model parameters
getcov Parameter covariance of identified model
setcov Set parameter covariance data in identified model
get Access model property values
set Set or modify model properties
nparams Number of model parameters
ndims Query number of dimensions of dynamic system model or model array
order Query model order
pole Compute poles of dynamic system
zero Zeros and gain of SISO dynamic system
size Query output/input/array dimensions of input–output model and number of frequencies of FRD model
damp Natural frequency and damping ratio
dcgain Low-frequency (DC) gain of LTI system
bandwidth Frequency response bandwidth


Extracting Numerical Model Data

Extracting numerical parameter values and uncertainties from linear models.

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