Functions in System Identification Toolbox

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absorbDelay Replace time delays by poles at z = 0 or phase shift
addreg Add custom regressors to nonlinear ARX model
advice Analysis and recommendations for data or estimated linear models
aic Akaike Information Criterion for estimated model
ar Estimate parameters of AR model for scalar time series
armax Estimate parameters of ARMAX model using time-domain data
armaxOptions Option set for armax
arOptions Option set for ar
arx Estimate parameters of ARX or AR model using least squares
arxdata ARX parameters from multiple-output models with variance information
arxOptions Option set for ar
arxRegul Determine regularization constants for ARX model estimation
arxRegulOptions Option set for arxRegul
arxstruc Compute and compare loss functions for single-output ARX models
balred Model order reduction
bandwidth Frequency response bandwidth
bj Estimate Box-Jenkins polynomial model using time domain data
bjOptions Option set for bj
bode Bode plot of frequency response, magnitude and phase of frequency response
bodemag Bode magnitude response of LTI models
bodeoptions Create list of Bode plot options
bodeplot Plot Bode frequency response with additional plot customization options
c2d Convert model from continuous to discrete time
c2dOptions Create option set for continuous- to discrete-time conversions
canon State-space canonical realization
chgFreqUnit Change frequency units of frequency-response data model
chgTimeUnit Change time units of dynamic system
compare Compare model output and measured output
compareOptions Option set for compare
cra Estimate impulse response using prewhitened-based correlation analysis
customnet Custom nonlinearity estimator for nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener models
customreg Custom regressor for nonlinear ARX models
d2c Convert model from discrete to continuous time
d2cOptions Create option set for discrete- to continuous-time conversions
d2d Resample discrete-time model
d2dOptions Create option set for discrete-time resampling
damp Natural frequency and damping ratio
data2state(idnlarx) Map past input/output data to current states of nonlinear ARX model
dcgain Low-frequency (DC) gain of LTI system
deadzone Class representing dead-zone nonlinearity estimator for Hammerstein-Wiener models
delayest Estimate time delay (dead time) from data
detrend Subtract offset or trend from data signals
diff Difference signals in iddata objects
etfe Estimate empirical transfer functions and periodograms
evalfr Evaluate frequency response at given frequency
evaluate Value of nonlinearity estimator at given input
fcat Concatenate FRD models along frequency dimension
fdel Delete specified data from frequency response data (FRD) models
feedback Identify possible feedback data
ffplot Compute and plot frequency response magnitude and phase for linear frequencies
fft Transform iddata object to frequency domain data
findop(idnlarx) Compute operating point for nonlinear ARX model
findop(idnlhw) Compute operating point for Hammerstein-Wiener model
findstates(idnlarx) Estimate initial states of nonlinear ARX model from data
findstates(idnlgrey) Estimate initial states of nonlinear grey-box model from data
findstates(idnlhw) Estimate initial states of nonlinear Hammerstein-Wiener model from data
findstates(idParametric) Estimate initial states of identified linear state-space model from data
findstatesOptions Option set for findstates
forecast Forecast linear system response into future
forecastOptions Option set for forecast
fpe Akaike Final Prediction Error for estimated model
frdata Access data for frequency response data (FRD) object
freqresp Frequency response over grid
fselect Select frequency points or range in FRD model
get Access model property values
getcov Parameter covariance of linear identified parametric model
getDelayInfo Get input/output delay information for idnlarx model structure
getexp Specific experiments from multiple-experiment data set
getinit Values of idnlgrey model initial states
getoptions Return @PlotOptions handle or plot options property
getpar Obtain attributes such as values and bounds of linear model parameters
getpvec Model parameters and associated uncertainty data
getreg Regressor expressions and numerical values in nonlinear ARX model
getTrend Data offset and trend information
goodnessOfFit Goodness of fit between test and reference data
greyest Linear grey-box model estimation
greyestOptions Option set for greyest
idarx Multiple-output ARX polynomials, impulse response, or step response model
iddata Time- or frequency-domain data
iddataplotOptions Options set for iddata/plot
identpref Set System Identification Toolbox preferences
idfilt Filter data using user-defined passbands, general filters, or Butterworth filters
idfrd Frequency-response data or model
idgrey Linear ODE (grey-box model) with identifiable parameters
idinput Generate input signals
idmodel Superclass for linear models
idnlarx Nonlinear ARX model
idnlgrey Nonlinear ODE (grey-box model) with unknown parameters
idnlhw Hammerstein-Wiener model
idnlmodel Superclass for nonlinear models
idpar Create parameter for initial states and input level estimation
idpoly Polynomial model with identifiable parameters
idproc Continuous-time process model with identifiable parameters
idresamp Resample time-domain data by decimation or interpolation
idss State-space model with identifiable parameters
idssdata State-space data of identified system
idtf Transfer function model with identifiable parameters
ifft Transform iddata objects from frequency to time domain
impulse Impulse response plot of dynamic system; impulse response data
impulseest Nonparameteric impulse response estimation
impulseestOptions Options set for impulseest
impulseplot Plot impulse response and return plot handle
init Set or randomize initial parameter values
iopzmap Plot pole-zero map for I/O pairs of model
iopzplot Plot pole-zero map for I/O pairs and return plot handle
isreal Determine whether model parameters or data values are real
isstable Determine whether system is stable
iv4 ARX model estimation using four-stage instrumental variable method.
iv4Options Option set for iv4
ivar AR model estimation using instrumental variable method
ivstruc Loss functions for sets of ARX model structures
ivx ARX model estimation using instrumental variable method with arbitrary instruments
linapp Linear approximation of nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener models for given input
linear Class representing linear nonlinearity estimator for nonlinear ARX models
linearize Linearize nonlinear ARX model
linearize Linearize Hammerstein-Wiener model
lsim Simulate time response of dynamic system to arbitrary inputs
lsiminfo Compute linear response characteristics
lsimplot Simulate response of dynamic system to arbitrary inputs and return plot handle
merge (iddata) Merge data sets into iddata object
merge Merge estimated models
misdata Reconstruct missing input and output data
n4sid Estimate state-space model using a subspace method.
n4sidOptions Option set for n4sid
ndims Query number of dimensions of dynamic system model or model array
neuralnet Class representing neural network nonlinearity estimator for nonlinear ARX models
nkshift Shift data sequences
nlarx Estimate nonlinear ARX model
nlhw Estimate Hammerstein-Wiener model
noise2meas Noise component of model
noisecnv Transform identified linear model with noise channels to model with measured channels only
norm Norm of linear model
nparams Number of model parameters
nyquist Nyquist plot of frequency response
nyquistoptions List of Nyquist plot options
nyquistplot Nyquist plot with additional plot customization options
oe Estimate Output-Error polynomial model using time or frequency domain data
oeOptions Option set for oe
operspec(idnlarx) Construct operating point specification object for idnlarx model
operspec(idnlhw) Construct operating point specification object for idnlhw model
order Query model order
pe Prediction error for an identified model
pem Prediction error estimate for linear or nonlinear model
peOptions Option set for pe
pexcit Level of excitation of input signals
plot Plot input-output data
plot Plot nonlinearity of nonlinear ARX model
plot Plot input and output nonlinearity, and linear responses of Hammerstein-Wiener model
pole Compute poles of dynamic system
poly1d Class representing single-variable polynomial nonlinear estimator for Hammerstein-Wiener models
polydata Access polynomial coefficients and uncertainties of identified model
polyest Estimate polynomial model using time- or frequency-domain data
polyestOptions Option set for polyest
polyreg Powers and products of standard regressors
predict K-step ahead prediction
predictOptions Option set for predict
present Display model information, including estimated uncertainty
procest Estimate process model using time or frequency data
procestOptions Options set for procest
pwlinear Class representing piecewise-linear nonlinear estimator for Hammerstein-Wiener models
pzmap Pole-zero plot of dynamic system
pzoptions Create list of pole/zero plot options
pzplot Pole-zero map of dynamic system model with plot customization options
rarmax Estimate recursively parameters of ARMAX or ARMA models
rarx Estimate parameters of ARX or AR models recursively
rbj Estimate recursively parameters of Box-Jenkins models
realdata Determine whether iddata is based on real-valued signals
resample Resample time-domain data by decimation or interpolation (requires Signal Processing Toolbox software)
resid Compute and test model residuals (prediction errors)
retrend Add offsets or trends to data signals
roe Estimate recursively output-error models (IIR-filters)
rpem Estimate general input-output models using recursive prediction-error minimization method
rplr Estimate general input-output models using recursive pseudolinear regression method
rsample Random sampling of linear identified systems
saturation Class representing saturation nonlinearity estimator for Hammerstein-Wiener models
segment Segment data and estimate models for each segment
selstruc Select model order for single-output ARX models
set Set or modify model properties
setcov Set parameter covariance data in identified model
setinit Set initial states of idnlgrey model object
setoptions Set plot options for response plot
setpar Set attributes such as values and bounds of linear model parameters
setpar Set attributes such as values and bounds of linear model parameters
setpname Set mnemonic parameter names for linear black-box model structures
setPolyFormat Specify format for B and F polynomials of multi-input polynomial model for backward compatibility
setpvec Modify value of model parameters
setstruc Set matrix structure for idss model objects
showConfidence Display confidence regions on response plots for identified models
sigmoidnet Class representing sigmoid network nonlinearity estimator for nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener models
sim Simulate response of identified models to arbitrary inputs
sim(idnlarx) Simulate nonlinear ARX model
sim(idnlgrey) Simulate nonlinear ODE model
sim(idnlhw) Simulate Hammerstein-Wiener model
simOptions Option set for sim
simsd Simulate linear models with uncertainty using Monte Carlo method
simsdOptions Option set for simsd
size Query output/input/array dimensions of input–output model and number of frequencies of FRD model
spa Estimate frequency response with fixed frequency resolution using spectral analysis
spafdr Estimate frequency response and spectrum using spectral analysis with frequency-dependent resolution
spectrum Output power spectrum of time series models
spectrumplot Plot disturbance spectrum of linear identified models
ss2ss State coordinate transformation for state-space model
ssdata Access state-space model data
ssest Estimate state-space model using time or frequency domain data
ssestOptions Option set for ssest
ssform Quick configuration of state-space model structure
ssregest Estimate state-space model by reduction of regularized ARX model
ssregestOptions Options set for ssregest
stack Build model array by stacking models or model arrays along array dimensions
step Step response plot of dynamic system
stepDataOptions Options set for step
stepinfo Rise time, settling time, and other step response characteristics
stepplot Plot step response and return plot handle
strseq Create sequence of indexed strings
struc Generate model-order combinations for single-output ARX model estimation
tfdata Access transfer function data
tfest Transfer function estimation
tfestOptions Options set for tfest
timeoptions Create list of time plot options
translatecov Translate parameter covariance across model operations
treepartition Class representing binary-tree nonlinearity estimator for nonlinear ARX models
TrendInfo Offset and linear trend slope values for detrending data
unitgain Specify absence of nonlinearities for specific input or output channels in Hammerstein-Wiener models
wavenet Class representing wavelet network nonlinearity estimator for nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener models
zero Zeros and gain of SISO dynamic system
zpkdata Access zero-pole-gain data
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