Hammerstein-Wiener Models

Connection of linear dynamic systems with static nonlinearities such as saturation and dead zone


nlhw Estimate Hammerstein-Wiener model
idnlhw Hammerstein-Wiener model
pem Prediction error estimate for linear and nonlinear model
customnet Custom nonlinearity estimator for nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener models
deadzone Create a dead-zone nonlinearity estimator object
poly1d Class representing single-variable polynomial nonlinear estimator for Hammerstein-Wiener models
pwlinear Create a piecewise-linear nonlinearity estimator object
saturation Create a saturation nonlinearity estimator object
sigmoidnet Class representing sigmoid network nonlinearity estimator for nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener models
unitgain Specify absence of nonlinearities for specific input or output channels in Hammerstein-Wiener models
wavenet Create a wavelet network nonlinearity estimator object
evaluate Value of nonlinearity estimator at given input
plot Plot input and output nonlinearity, and linear responses of Hammerstein-Wiener model
sim Simulate response of identified model
findop Compute operating point for Hammerstein-Wiener model
operspec Construct operating point specification object for idnlhw model
linearize Linearize Hammerstein-Wiener model
linapp Linear approximation of nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener models for given input
findstates Estimate initial states of model
init Set or randomize initial parameter values
getpvec Model parameters and associated uncertainty data
setpvec Modify value of model parameters
nlhwOptions Option set for nlhw
findopOptions Option set for findop
findstatesOptions Option set for findstates
simOptions Option set for sim

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