Model Type and Other Transformations

Convert model type for control design, reduce model order


idfrd Frequency-response data or model
idpoly Polynomial model with identifiable parameters
idtf Transfer function model with identifiable parameters
idss State-space model with identifiable parameters
canon State-space canonical realization
balred Model order reduction
noisecnv Transform identified linear model with noise channels to model with measured channels only
translatecov Translate parameter covariance across model operations
merge Merge estimated models
append Group models by appending their inputs and outputs
noise2meas Noise component of model
absorbDelay Replace time delays by poles at z = 0 or phase shift
chgTimeUnit Change time units of dynamic system
chgFreqUnit Change frequency units of frequency-response data model
fdel Delete specified data from frequency response data (FRD) models
stack Build model array by stacking models or model arrays along array dimensions
ss2ss State coordinate transformation for state-space model
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