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Model Validation Basics

Ways to validate models, refine models, troubleshooting

After estimating a model, you can validate whether it reproduces the system behavior within acceptable bounds. Iterate between model refinement and validation until you find the simplest model that best captures the system dynamics.

Examples and How To

Refine Linear Parametric Models

Procedures for refining model parameters after estimating a model or constructing the model with initial parameter guesses.

Refine Initial ARMAX Model at Command Line

This example shows how to estimate an initial model and refine it using pem.

Refine ARMAX Model with Initial Parameter Guesses at Command Line

This example shows how to refine models for which you have initial parameter guesses.


Validating Models After Estimation

Introduction to validating models and supported model plots.


Troubleshooting Model Estimation

Adjust your modeling strategy based on model-validation results.

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