Evaluate frequency response at given frequency


frsp = evalfr(sys,f)


frsp = evalfr(sys,f) evaluates the transfer function of the TF, SS, or ZPK model sys at the complex number f. For state-space models with data (ABCD), the result is

H(f) = D + C (fI – A)–1B

evalfr is a simplified version of freqresp meant for quick evaluation of the response at a single point. Use freqresp to compute the frequency response over a set of frequencies.


Example 1

To evaluate the discrete-time transfer function


at z = 1 + j, type

H = tf([1 -1],[1 1 1],-1);
z = 1+j;

to get the result:

ans =
  2.3077e-01 +  1.5385e-01i

Example 2

To evaluate the frequency response of a continuous-time IDTF model at frequency w = 0.1 rad/s, type:

sys = idtf(1,[1 2 1]);
w = 0.1;
s = 1j*w;
evalfr(sys, s)

The result is same as freqresp(sys, w).


The response is not finite when f is a pole of sys.

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