Set mnemonic parameter names for linear black-box model structures

    Note:   setpname will be removed in a future release. Use the Structure.Info field of a linear model instead.


model = setpname(model)


model is an idmodel object of idarx, idpoly, idproc, or idss type. The returned model has the 'PName' property set to a cell array of strings that correspond to the symbols used in this manual to describe the parameters.

For single-input idpoly models, the parameters are called 'a1', 'a2', ...,'fn'.

For multiple-input idpoly models, the b and f parameters have the output/input channel number in parentheses, as in 'b1(1,2)', 'f3(1,2)', etc.

For idarx models, the parameter names are as in '-A(ky,ku)' for the negative value of the ky-ku entry of the matrix in A(q) polynomial of the multiple-output ARX equation, and similarly for the B parameters.

For idss models, the parameters are named for the matrix entries they represent, such as 'A(4,5)', 'K(2,3)', etc.

For idproc models, the parameter names are as described in idproc.

This function is particularly useful when certain parameters are to be fixed.

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