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Response Computation and Visualization

Analyze model response on time- and frequency-response plots


sim Simulate response of identified model
bode Bode plot of frequency response, or magnitude and phase data
bodeplot Plot Bode frequency response with additional plot customization options
bodemag Bode magnitude response of LTI models
step Step response plot of dynamic system; step response data
stepplot Plot step response and return plot handle
stepinfo Rise time, settling time, and other step response characteristics
nyquist Nyquist plot of frequency response
nyquistplot Nyquist plot with additional plot customization options
impulse Impulse response plot of dynamic system; impulse response data
impulseplot Plot impulse response and return plot handle
pzmap Pole-zero plot of dynamic system
pzplot Pole-zero map of dynamic system model with plot customization options
iopzmap Plot pole-zero map for I/O pairs of model
iopzplot Plot pole-zero map for I/O pairs and return plot handle
spectrum Output power spectrum of time series models
spectrumplot Plot disturbance spectrum of linear identified models
lsim Simulate time response of dynamic system to arbitrary inputs
lsimplot Simulate response of dynamic system to arbitrary inputs and return plot handle
lsiminfo Compute linear response characteristics
showConfidence Display confidence regions on response plots for identified models
findstates Estimate initial states of model
data2state Map past data to states of state-space and nonlinear ARX models
simOptions Option set for sim
stepDataOptions Options set for step
bodeoptions Create list of Bode plot options
nyquistoptions List of Nyquist plot options
timeoptions Create list of time plot options
getoptions Return @PlotOptions handle or plot options property
setoptions Set plot options for response plot
pzoptions Create list of pole/zero plot options
spectrumoptions Option set for spectrumplot
identpref Set System Identification Toolbox preferences
findstatesOptions Option set for findstates


Analyzing MIMO Models

In analysis plots of multiple-input, multiple output LTI models, there are plot tools for selecting subsystems and grouping I/O pairs.

Customize Response Plots Using the Response Plots Property Editor

Set axes labels and limits, fonts, grids, and other attributes of response plots.

Toolbox Preferences Editor

Set plot preferences that persist from session to session.

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