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Select Data for Estimation

Select data subsets, specify estimation and validation data


fselectSelect frequency points or range in FRD model
getexpSpecific experiments from multiple-experiment data set
merge (iddata)Merge data sets into iddata object
fcatConcatenate FRD models along frequency dimension


Specify Estimation and Validation Data in the App

You should use different data sets to estimate and validate your model for best validation results.

Select Subsets of Data

Select portions of data for identification in the app or at the command line.

Create Data Sets from a Subset of Signal Channels

You can create a new data set in the System Identification app by extracting subsets of input and output channels from an existing data set.

Create Multiexperiment Data Sets in the App

You can create a time-domain or frequency-domain data set in the System Identification app that includes several experiments.

Create Multiexperiment Data at the Command Line

You can create iddata objects that contain several experiments.

Dealing with Multi-Experiment Data and Merging Models

This example shows how to deal with multiple experiments and merging models when working with System Identification Toolbox™ for estimating and refining models.

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