Simulation and Prediction

Simulate or predict model output using different inputs and in Simulink®


sim Simulate response of identified model
simsd Simulate linear models with uncertainty using Monte Carlo method
predict K-step ahead prediction
rsample Random sampling of linear identified systems
forecast Forecast identified model output
idinput Generate input signals
simOptions Option set for sim
simsdOptions Option set for simsd
predictOptions Option set for predict
forecastOptions Option set for forecast


IDDATA Sink Export iddata object to MATLAB workspace
IDDATA Source Import iddata object from MATLAB workspace
IDMODEL Model Simulate identified linear model in Simulink software
IDNLARX Model Simulate nonlinear ARX model in Simulink software
IDNLGREY Model Simulate nonlinear grey-box model in Simulink software
IDNLHW Model Simulate Hammerstein-Wiener model in Simulink software
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