How to Detrend Data at the Command Line

Detrending Steady-State Data

Before you can perform this task, you must have time-domain data as an iddata object. See Representing Time- and Frequency-Domain Data Using iddata Objects.

    Note:   If you plan to estimate models from this data, your data must be regularly sampled.

Use the detrend command to remove the signal means or linear trends:


where data is the data to be detrended. The second input argument Type=0 removes signal means or Type=1 removes linear trends. data_d is the detrended data. T is a TrendInfo object that stores the values of the subtracted offsets and slopes of the removed trends.

Detrending Transient Data

Before you can perform this task, you must have

  1. Create a default object for storing input-output offsets that you want to remove from the data.

    T = getTrend(data)

    where T is a TrendInfo object.

  2. Assign offset values to T.


    where I_value is the input offset value, and O_value is the input offset value.

  3. Remove the specified offsets from data.

    data_d = detrend(data,T)

    where the second input argument T stores the offset values as its properties.

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