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Next Steps After Getting an Accurate Model

For linear parametric models, you can perform the following operations:

For nonlinear black-box models (idnlarx and idnlhw objects), you can compute a linear approximation of the nonlinear model. See Linear Approximation of Nonlinear Black-Box Models.

System Identification Toolbox™ models in the MATLAB® workspace are immediately available to other MathWorks® products. However, if you used the System Identification app to estimate models, you must first export the models to the MATLAB workspace.


To export a model from the app, drag the model icon to the To Workspace rectangle. Alternatively, right-click the model to open the Data/model Info dialog box. Click Export.

If you have the Control System Toolbox™ software installed, you can import your linear plant model for control-system design. For more information, see Using Identified Models for Control Design Applications.

Finally, if you have Simulink® software installed, you can exchange data between the System Identification Toolbox software and the Simulink environment. For more information, see Simulating Identified Model Output in Simulink.

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