Available Nonlinear Models

System Identification Toolbox provides several nonlinear black-box model structures, which have traditionally been useful for representing dynamic systems.

Model TypeUsageLearn More
Nonlinear ARX model
(idnlarx object)
Use to represent nonlinear extensions of linear models. This structure allows you to model complex nonlinear behavior using flexible nonlinear functions, such as wavelet and sigmoid networks.Identifying Nonlinear ARX Models
Linear models with input/output nonlinearities, or Hammerstein-Wiener model
(idnlhw object)
Use to represent linear models with static nonlinearities.Identifying Hammerstein-Wiener Models
Nonlinear grey-box model
(idnlgrey object)
Use to represent nonlinear ODEs with unknown parameters.Estimating Nonlinear Grey-Box Models

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