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Automatic Registration

Align two images using automatic intensity-based registration

For information about registration techniques, see the Image Registration Techniques.


imregister Intensity-based image registration
imregconfig Configurations for intensity-based registration
imregtform Estimate geometric transformation that aligns two 2-D or 3-D images
imregcorr Estimates geometric transformation that aligns two 2-D images using phase correlation
imregdemons Estimate displacement field that aligns two 2-D or 3-D images
imfuse Composite of two images
imshowpair Compare differences between images


registration.metric.MattesMutualInformation Mattes mutual information metric configuration object
registration.metric.MeanSquares Mean square error metric configuration object
registration.optimizer.RegularStepGradientDescent Regular step gradient descent optimizer configuration object
registration.optimizer.OnePlusOneEvolutionary One-plus-one evolutionary optimizer configuration object

Examples and How To

Use Phase Correlation as Preprocessing Step in Registration

This example shows how to use phase correlation as a preliminary step for automatic image registration.

Registering Multimodal MRI Images

This example shows how you can use imregister to automatically align two magnetic resonance images (MRI) to a common coordinate system using intensity-based image registration.


Image Registration Techniques

Image registration aligns images by applying geometric transformations.

Intensity-Based Automatic Image Registration

Intensity-based automatic image registration uses a pair of images, a metric, an optimizer, and a transformation type to iteratively register images.

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