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Basic Display

View image data, view multi-frame images (movies), set display preferences

Before using the display functions, make sure you understand the image types defined by the toolbox. See Display Different Image Types.


imshow Display image
montage Display multiple image frames as rectangular montage
immovie Make movie from multiframe image
implay Play movies, videos, or image sequences
warp Display image as texture-mapped surface
iptgetpref Get values of Image Processing Toolbox preferences
iptprefs Display Image Processing Toolbox Preferences dialog box
iptsetpref Set Image Processing Toolbox preferences or display valid values


Image Viewer View and explore images
Image Browser Browse images using thumbnails

Examples and How To

Displaying Images Using the imshow Function

How to use the imshow display function

Display Multiple Images in the Same Figure

To display multiple images in a single figure window, use the imshow function with MATLAB subplot function.

Display Images with Image Viewer App

How to use the Image Viewer integrated display and exploration environment

Display Different Image Types

Using imshow and imtool with each image type

Add Colorbar to Displayed Image

Add a colorbar to an image displayed with imshow

View Thumbnails of Images in Folder or Datastore

You can use the Image Browser app to view reduced-size versions, called thumbnails, of all the images in a folder or an image datastore.

View Image Sequences in Video Viewer App

How to use the Video Viewer app to view image sequences, and how to configure the Video Viewer app.

Convert Multiframe Image to Movie

To create a MATLAB® movie from a multiframe image array, use the immovie function.

Print Images

Print images from imshow and the Image Viewer

Image Processing Toolbox Preferences

Setting toolbox preferences


Image Display and Exploration Overview

Comparison of toolbox display functions

Image Types in the Toolbox

Fundamental image types supported by the Image Processing Toolbox™ software

What Is an Image Sequence?

An image sequence is a collection of images related by time, such as frames in a movie, or by spatial location, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) slices.

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