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Read and Write Image Data from Files

Read and write image data from files, get information about contents of image files


imread Read image from graphics file
imwrite Write image to graphics file
imfinfo Information about graphics file
nitfinfo Read metadata from National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) file
nitfread Read image from NITF file
dpxinfo Read metadata from DPX file
dpxread Read DPX image
analyze75info Read metadata from header file of Analyze 7.5 data set
analyze75read Read image data from image file of Analyze 7.5 data set
interfileinfo Read metadata from Interfile file
interfileread Read images in Interfile format

Examples and How To

Read Image Data into the Workspace

This example shows to read image data from a graphics file into the MATLAB workspace using the imread function.

Read Multiple Images from a Single Graphics File

This example shows how to read multiple images from a single graphics file.

Read and Write 1-Bit Binary Images

This example shows how to read and write 1-bit binary images.

Write Image Data to File in Graphics Format

This example shows how to write image data from the MATLAB workspace to a file in one of the supported graphics file formats using the imwrite function.

Determine Storage Class of Output Files

Describes the rules used to determine the storage class of the output image.

Getting Information About Graphics Files

How to get information about the contents of a graphics file by reading the metadata contained in the file.

Perform an Operation on a Sequence of Images

This example shows how to perform an operation on a sequence of images.


Images in MATLAB

How images are represented in MATLAB® and the Image Processing Toolbox™ software

Image Types in the Toolbox

Fundamental image types supported by the Image Processing Toolbox software

What Is an Image Sequence?

An image sequence is a collection of images related by time, such as frames in a movie, or by spatial location, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) slices.

Toolbox Functions That Work with Image Sequences

Guidelines for applying toolbox functions to process image sequences.

Mayo Analyze 7.5 Files

Describes support for the Analyze 7.5 file format for MRI data files.

Interfile Files

Describes support for the Interfile file format for nuclear medicine image data files.

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