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Build Interactive Tools

Create interactive image processing tools from modular building blocks


imageinfo Image Information tool
imcolormaptool Choose Colormap tool
imcontrast Adjust Contrast tool
imcrop Crop image
imdisplayrange Display Range tool
imdistline Distance tool
impixelinfo Pixel Information tool
impixelinfoval Pixel Information tool without text label
impixelregion Pixel Region tool
impixelregionpanel Pixel Region tool panel
immagbox Magnification box for scroll panel
imoverview Overview tool for image displayed in scroll panel
imoverviewpanel Overview tool panel for image displayed in scroll panel
imsave Save Image Tool
imscrollpanel Scroll panel for interactive image navigation
imellipse Create draggable ellipse
imfreehand Create draggable freehand region
imline Create draggable, resizable line
impoint Create draggable point
impoly Create draggable, resizable polygon
imrect Create draggable rectangle
imroi Region-of-interest (ROI) base class
getline Select polyline with mouse
getpts Specify points with mouse
getrect Specify rectangle with mouse
getimage Image data from axes
getimagemodel Image model object from image object
imagemodel Image Model object
axes2pix Convert axes coordinates to pixel coordinates
imattributes Information about image attributes
imgca Get current axes containing image
imgcf Get current figure containing image
imgetfile Display Open Image dialog box
imputfile Display Save Image dialog box
imhandles Get all image objects
iptaddcallback Add function handle to callback list
iptcheckhandle Check validity of handle
iptgetapi Get Application Programmer Interface (API) for handle
iptGetPointerBehavior Retrieve pointer behavior from graphics object
ipticondir Directories containing IPT and MATLAB icons
iptPointerManager Create pointer manager in figure
iptremovecallback Delete function handle from callback list
iptSetPointerBehavior Store pointer behavior structure in graphics object
iptwindowalign Align figure windows
makeConstrainToRectFcn Create rectangularly bounded drag constraint function
truesize Adjust display size of image

Examples and How To

Build App To Display Pixel Information

This example shows how to create a simple app that provides information about pixels and features in an image using modular pixel information tools.

Build App for Navigating Large Images

This example shows how to build an app for navigating large images using modular navigation tools.

Build Image Comparison Tool

This example shows how to make the connections that allow modular tools to interact.

Create Angle Measurement Tool Using ROI Objects

This example shows how to create an angle measurement tool using modular tools and ROI objects.


Modular Interactive Tools for Building Custom Image Processing Apps

Learn about the interactive tools provided by the Image Processing Toolbox™ that can be used independently or in combination to create custom image processing apps.

Interactive Modular Tool Workflow

Learn how to create a modular tool and how to associate it with a target image.

Create Your Own Modular Tools

This table describes the utility functions available for creating custom modular interactive tools.

Customize Modular Tool Interactivity

To customize the interactivity of a modular tool with a target image, use the modular tool APIs.

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