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Control Point Registration

Align two images using control point mapping

For information about registration techniques, see the Image Registration Techniques.


cpselect Control Point Selection Tool
fitgeotrans Fit geometric transformation to control point pairs
cpcorr Tune control-point locations using cross correlation
cpstruct2pairs Convert CPSTRUCT to valid pairs of control points
normxcorr2 Normalized 2-D cross-correlation
cp2tform Infer spatial transformation from control point pairs

Examples and How To

Start the Control Point Selection Tool

To use the Control Point Selection Tool, enter the cpselect command at the MATLAB® prompt.

Find Visual Elements Common to Both Images

View images in more detail to find visual elements common to both images.

Select Matching Control Point Pairs

Use the Control Point Selection Tool to pick control points in the image to be registered and the fixed image.

Use Cross-Correlation to Improve Control Point Placement

Fine-tune your control point selections using the cpcorr function.

Export Control Points to the Workspace

Save control point pairs in the workspace to make them available for the next step in image registration.

Save Control Point Selection Session

To save the current state of the Control Point Selection Tool, choose the Export Points to Workspace option from the File menu.


Image Registration Techniques

Image registration aligns images by applying geometric transformations.

Control Point Registration

Pick corresponding points in a pair of images to determine the parameters of a registration transformation.

Control Point Selection Procedure

To specify control points in a pair of images you want to register, use the Control Point Selection Tool, cpselect.

Geometric Transformation Types

The Image Processing Toolbox™ provides functionality for applying geometric transformations to register images.

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