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Image Processing Toolbox Examples


Deblurring Images Using the Blind Deconvolution AlgorithmScript
Deblurring Images Using the Lucy-Richardson AlgorithmScript
Deblurring Images Using a Regularized FilterScript
Deblurring Images Using a Wiener FilterScript


Contrast Enhancement TechniquesScript
Correcting Nonuniform IlluminationScript
Enhancing Multispectral Color Composite ImagesScript

Image Registration

Find Image Rotation and ScaleScript
Find Image Rotation and Scale Using Automated Feature Matching
Uses: Computer Vision System Toolbox
Registering an Aerial Photo to an OrthophotoScript
Registering an Image Using Normalized Cross-CorrelationScript
Registering Multimodal 3-D Medical ImagesScript
Registering Multimodal MRI ImagesScript

Image Segmentation

Color-Based Segmentation Using the L*a*b* Color SpaceScript
Color-Based Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering
Uses: Statistics Toolbox
Detecting a Cell Using Image SegmentationScript
Detecting Cars in a Video of TrafficScript
Finding Vegetation in a Multispectral ImageScript
Marker-Controlled Watershed SegmentationScript
Texture Segmentation Using Texture FiltersScript

Spatial Transformation

Creating a Gallery of Transformed ImagesScript
Exploring a Conformal MappingScript
Exploring Slices from a 3-Dimensional MRI Data SetScript
Padding and Shearing an Image SimultaneouslyScript

Measuring Image Features

Detect and Measure Circular Objects in an ImageScript
Finding the Length of a Pendulum in MotionScript
Granulometry of SnowflakesScript
Identifying Round ObjectsScript
Measuring Angle of IntersectionScript
Measuring Regions in Grayscale ImagesScript
Measuring the Radius of a Roll of TapeScript


Reconstructing an Image from Projection DataScript

Working with Large Data

Batch Processing Image Files in Parallel
Uses: Parallel Computing Toolbox
Block Processing Large ImagesScript
Computing Statistics for Large ImagesScript
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