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Export Control Points to the Workspace

After you specify control point pairs, you must save them in the MATLAB® workspace to make them available for the next step in image registration, processing by fitgeotrans.

To save control points to the MATLAB workspace,

  1. Select File on the Control Point Selection Tool menu bar.

  2. Choose the Export Points to Workspace option. The Control Point Selection Tool displays this dialog box:

By default, the Control Point Selection Tool saves the x-coordinates and y-coordinates that specify the locations of the control points you selected in two arrays named movingPoints and fixedPoints, although you can specify other names. These are n-by-2 arrays, where n is the number of valid control point pairs you selected. This example shows the movingPoints array containing four pairs of control points. The values in the left column represent the x-coordinates; the values in the right column represent the y-coordinates.

movingPoints =

  215.6667  262.3333
  225.7778  311.3333
  156.5556  340.1111
  270.8889  368.8889

Whenever you exit the Control Point Selection Tool, it asks if you want to save your control points.

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