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Image Processing Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
activecontour Segment image into foreground and background using active contour
adapthisteq Contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE)
adaptthresh Adaptive image threshold using local first-order statistics
affine2d 2-D affine geometric transformation
affine3d 3-D affine geometric transformation
analyze75info Read metadata from header file of Analyze 7.5 data set
analyze75read Read image data from image file of Analyze 7.5 data set
applycform Apply device-independent color space transformation
applylut Neighborhood operations on binary images using lookup tables
axes2pix Convert axes coordinates to pixel coordinates
bestblk Determine optimal block size for block processing
blockproc Distinct block processing for image
boundarymask Find region boundaries of segmentation
bwarea Area of objects in binary image
bwareafilt Extract objects from binary image by size
bwareaopen Remove small objects from binary image
bwboundaries Trace region boundaries in binary image
bwconncomp Find connected components in binary image
bwconvhull Generate convex hull image from binary image
bwdist Distance transform of binary image
bwdistgeodesic Geodesic distance transform of binary image
bweuler Euler number of binary image
bwhitmiss Binary hit-miss operation
bwlabel Label connected components in 2-D binary image
bwlabeln Label connected components in binary image
bwlookup Nonlinear filtering using lookup tables
bwmorph Morphological operations on binary images
bwpack Pack binary image
bwperim Find perimeter of objects in binary image
bwpropfilt Extract objects from binary image using properties
bwselect Select objects in binary image
bwtraceboundary Trace object in binary image
bwulterode Ultimate erosion
bwunpack Unpack binary image
checkerboard Create checkerboard image
col2im Rearrange matrix columns into blocks
colfilt Columnwise neighborhood operations
colorcloud Display 3-D color gamut as point cloud in specified color space
conndef Create connectivity array
convmtx2 2-D convolution matrix
corner Find corner points in image
cornermetric Create corner metric matrix from image
corr2 2-D correlation coefficient
cpcorr Tune control point locations using cross-correlation
cpselect Control Point Selection tool
cpstruct2pairs Extract valid control point pairs from cpstruct structure
dct2 2-D discrete cosine transform
dctmtx Discrete cosine transform matrix
deconvblind Deblur image using blind deconvolution
deconvlucy Deblur image using Lucy-Richardson method
deconvreg Deblur image using regularized filter
deconvwnr Deblur image using Wiener filter
decorrstretch Apply decorrelation stretch to multichannel image
demosaic Convert Bayer pattern encoded image to truecolor image
dicomanon Anonymize DICOM file
dicomdict Get or set active DICOM data dictionary
dicomdisp Display DICOM file structure
dicominfo Read metadata from DICOM message
dicomlookup Find attribute in DICOM data dictionary
dicomread Read DICOM image
dicomuid Generate DICOM unique identifier
dicomwrite Write images as DICOM files
dpxinfo Read metadata from DPX file
dpxread Read DPX image
edge Find edges in intensity image
edgetaper Taper discontinuities along image edges
entropy Entropy of grayscale image
entropyfilt Local entropy of grayscale image
fan2para Convert fan-beam projections to parallel-beam
fanbeam Fan-beam transform
fft2 2-D fast Fourier transform
fftshift Shift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum
fibermetric Enhance elongated or tubular structures in image
findbounds Find output bounds for spatial transformation
fitgeotrans Fit geometric transformation to control point pairs
fliptform Flip input and output roles of spatial transformation structure
freqz2 2-D frequency response
fsamp2 2-D FIR filter using frequency sampling
fspecial Create predefined 2-D filter
ftrans2 2-D FIR filter using frequency transformation
fwind1 2-D FIR filter using 1-D window method
fwind2 2-D FIR filter using 2-D window method
gabor Create Gabor filter or Gabor filter bank
getheight Height of structuring element
getimage Image data from axes
getimagemodel Image model object from image object
getline Select polyline with mouse
getneighbors Structuring element neighbor locations and heights
getnhood Structuring element neighborhood
getpts Specify points with mouse
getrangefromclass Default display range of image based on its class
getrect Specify rectangle with mouse
getsequence Sequence of decomposed structuring elements
gradientweight Calculate weights for image pixels based on image gradient
gray2ind Convert grayscale or binary image to indexed image
graycomatrix Create gray-level co-occurrence matrix from image
grayconnected Select contiguous image region with similar gray values
graycoprops Properties of gray-level co-occurrence matrix
graydiffweight Calculate weights for image pixels based on grayscale intensity difference
graydist Gray-weighted distance transform of grayscale image
grayslice Convert grayscale image to indexed image using multilevel thresholding
graythresh Global image threshold using Otsu's method
hdrread Read high dynamic range (HDR) image
hdrwrite Write Radiance high dynamic range (HDR) image file
histeq Enhance contrast using histogram equalization
hough Hough transform
houghlines Extract line segments based on Hough transform
houghpeaks Identify peaks in Hough transform
hsv2rgb Convert HSV colormap to RGB colormap
iccfind Search for ICC profiles
iccread Read ICC profile
iccroot Find system default ICC profile repository
iccwrite Write ICC color profile to disk file
idct2 2-D inverse discrete cosine transform
ifanbeam Inverse fan-beam transform
ifft2 2-D inverse fast Fourier transform
ifftshift Inverse zero-frequency shift
im2bw Convert image to binary image, based on threshold
im2col Rearrange image blocks into columns
im2double Convert image to double precision
im2int16 Convert image to 16-bit signed integers
im2java2d Convert image to Java buffered image
im2single Convert image to single precision
im2uint16 Convert image to 16-bit unsigned integers
im2uint8 Convert image to 8-bit unsigned integers
imabsdiff Absolute difference of two images
imadd Add two images or add constant to image
imadjust Adjust image intensity values or colormap
ImageAdapter Interface for image I/O
imageinfo Image Information tool
imagemodel Image Model object
images.geotrans.LocalWeightedMeanTransformation2D 2-D local weighted mean geometric transformation
images.geotrans.PiecewiseLinearTransformation2D 2-D piecewise linear geometric transformation
images.geotrans.PolynomialTransformation2D 2-D polynomial geometric transformation
imapplymatrix Linear combination of color channels
imapprox Approximate indexed image by reducing number of colors
imattributes Information about image attributes
imbinarize Binarize image by thresholding
imbothat Bottom-hat filtering
imboxfilt 2-D box filtering of images
imboxfilt3 3-D box filtering of 3-D images
imclearborder Suppress light structures connected to image border
imclose Morphologically close image
imcolormaptool Choose Colormap tool
imcomplement Complement image
imcontour Create contour plot of image data
imcontrast Adjust Contrast tool
imcrop Crop image
imdilate Dilate image
imdisplayrange Display Range tool
imdistline Distance tool
imdivide Divide one image into another or divide image by constant
imellipse Create draggable ellipse
imerode Erode image
imextendedmax Extended-maxima transform
imextendedmin Extended-minima transform
imfill Fill image regions and holes
imfilter N-D filtering of multidimensional images
imfindcircles Find circles using circular Hough transform
imfinfo Information about graphics file
imfreehand Create draggable freehand region
imfuse Composite of two images
imgaborfilt Apply Gabor filter or set of filters to 2-D image
imgaussfilt 2-D Gaussian filtering of images
imgaussfilt3 3-D Gaussian filtering of 3-D images
imgca Get current axes containing image
imgcf Get current figure containing image
imgetfile Display Open Image dialog box
imgradient Gradient magnitude and direction of an image
imgradient3 Find 3-D gradient magnitude and direction of images
imgradientxy Directional gradients of an image
imgradientxyz Find the directional gradients of a 3-D image
imguidedfilter Guided filtering of images
imhandles Get all image objects
imhist Histogram of image data
imhistmatch Adjust histogram of 2-D image to match histogram of reference image
imhistmatchn Adjust histogram of N-D image to match histogram of reference image
imhmax H-maxima transform
imhmin H-minima transform
imimposemin Impose minima
imlincomb Linear combination of images
imline Create draggable, resizable line
immagbox Magnification box for scroll panel
immovie Make movie from multiframe image
immse Mean-squared error
immultiply Multiply two images or multiply image by constant
imnoise Add noise to image
imopen Morphologically open image
imoverlay Burn binary mask into 2-D image
imoverview Overview tool for image displayed in scroll panel
imoverviewpanel Overview tool panel for image displayed in scroll panel
impixel Pixel color values
impixelinfo Pixel Information tool
impixelinfoval Pixel Information tool without text label
impixelregion Pixel Region tool
impixelregionpanel Pixel Region tool panel
implay Play movies, videos, or image sequences
impoint Create draggable point
impoly Create draggable, resizable polygon
improfile Pixel-value cross-sections along line segments
imputfile Display Save Image dialog box
impyramid Image pyramid reduction and expansion
imquantize Quantize image using specified quantization levels and output values
imread Read image from graphics file
imreconstruct Morphological reconstruction
imrect Create draggable rectangle
imref2d Reference 2-D image to world coordinates
imref3d Reference 3-D image to world coordinates
imregconfig Configurations for intensity-based registration
imregcorr Estimate geometric transformation that aligns two 2-D images using phase correlation
imregdemons Estimate displacement field that aligns two 2-D or 3-D images
imregionalmax Regional maxima
imregionalmin Regional minima
imregister Intensity-based image registration
imregtform Estimate geometric transformation that aligns two 2-D or 3-D images
imresize Resize image
imresize3 Resize 3-D volumetric intensity image
imroi Region-of-interest (ROI) base class
imrotate Rotate image
imrotate3 Rotate 3-D volumetric grayscale image
imsave Save Image Tool
imscrollpanel Scroll panel for interactive image navigation
imsegfmm Binary image segmentation using Fast Marching Method
imseggeodesic Segment image into two or three regions using geodesic distance-based color segmentation
imsharpen Sharpen image using unsharp masking
imshow Display image
imshowpair Compare differences between images
imsubtract Subtract one image from another or subtract constant from image
imtool Image Viewer app
imtophat Top-hat filtering
imtransform Apply 2-D spatial transformation to image
imtranslate Translate image
imwarp Apply geometric transformation to image
imwrite Write image to graphics file
ind2gray Convert indexed image to grayscale image
ind2rgb Convert indexed image to RGB image
integralBoxFilter 2-D box filtering of integral images
integralBoxFilter3 3-D box filtering of 3-D integral images
integralImage Calculate integral image
integralImage3 Calculate 3-D integral image
interfileinfo Read metadata from Interfile file
interfileread Read images in Interfile format
intlut Convert integer values using lookup table
iptaddcallback Add function handle to callback list
iptcheckconn Check validity of connectivity argument
iptcheckhandle Check validity of handle
iptcheckmap Check validity of colormap
iptgetapi Get Application Programmer Interface (API) for handle
iptGetPointerBehavior Retrieve pointer behavior from graphics object
iptgetpref Get values of Image Processing Toolbox preferences
ipticondir Directories containing IPT and MATLAB icons
iptPointerManager Create pointer manager in figure
iptprefs Display Image Processing Toolbox Preferences dialog box
iptremovecallback Delete function handle from callback list
iptSetPointerBehavior Store pointer behavior structure in graphics object
iptsetpref Set Image Processing Toolbox preferences or display valid values
iptwindowalign Align figure windows
iradon Inverse Radon transform
isflat True for flat structuring element
isicc True for valid ICC color profile
isrset Check if file is R-Set
lab2double Convert L*a*b* data to double
lab2rgb Convert CIE 1976 L*a*b* to RGB
lab2uint16 Convert L*a*b* data to uint16
lab2uint8 Convert L*a*b* data to uint8
lab2xyz Convert CIE 1976 L*a*b* to CIE 1931 XYZ
label2idx Convert label matrix to cell array of linear indices
label2rgb Convert label matrix into RGB image
labelmatrix Create label matrix from bwconncomp structure
lazysnapping Segment image into foreground and background using graph-based segmentation
localcontrast Edge-aware local contrast manipulation of images
locallapfilt Fast Local Laplacian Filtering of images
localtonemap Render HDR image for viewing while enhancing local contrast
makecform Create color transformation structure
makeConstrainToRectFcn Create rectangularly bounded drag constraint function
makehdr Create high dynamic range image
makelut Create lookup table for use with bwlookup
makeresampler Create resampling structure
maketform Create spatial transformation structure (TFORM)
mat2gray Convert matrix to grayscale image
mean2 Average or mean of matrix elements
medfilt2 2-D median filtering
medfilt3 3-D median filtering
montage Display multiple image frames as rectangular montage
multithresh Multilevel image thresholds using Otsu's method
nitfinfo Read metadata from National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) file
nitfread Read image from NITF file
nlfilter General sliding-neighborhood operations
normxcorr2 Normalized 2-D cross-correlation
ntsc2rgb Convert NTSC values to RGB color space
offsetstrel Morphological offset structuring element
openrset Open R-Set file
ordfilt2 2-D order-statistic filtering
otf2psf Convert optical transfer function to point-spread function
otsuthresh Global histogram threshold using Otsu's method
padarray Pad array
para2fan Convert parallel-beam projections to fan-beam
phantom Create head phantom image
poly2mask Convert region of interest (ROI) polygon to region mask
projective2d 2-D projective geometric transformation
psf2otf Convert point-spread function to optical transfer function
psnr Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR)
qtdecomp Quadtree decomposition
qtgetblk Block values in quadtree decomposition
qtsetblk Set block values in quadtree decomposition
radon Radon transform
rangefilt Local range of image
regionfill Fill in specified regions in image using inward interpolation
regionprops Measure properties of image regions
registration.metric.MattesMutualInformation Mattes mutual information metric configuration object
registration.metric.MeanSquares Mean square error metric configuration object
registration.optimizer.OnePlusOneEvolutionary One-plus-one evolutionary optimizer configuration object
registration.optimizer.RegularStepGradientDescent Regular step gradient descent optimizer configuration object
rgb2gray Convert RGB image or colormap to grayscale
rgb2hsv Convert RGB colormap to HSV colormap
rgb2ind Convert RGB image to indexed image
rgb2lab Convert RGB to CIE 1976 L*a*b*
rgb2ntsc Convert RGB color values to NTSC color space
rgb2xyz Convert RGB to CIE 1931 XYZ
rgb2ycbcr Convert RGB color values to YCbCr color space
roicolor Select region of interest (ROI) based on color
roifill Fill in specified region of interest (ROI) polygon in grayscale image
roifilt2 Filter region of interest (ROI) in image
roipoly Specify polygonal region of interest (ROI)
rsetwrite Create reduced resolution data set from image file
ssim Structural Similarity Index (SSIM) for measuring image quality
std2 Standard deviation of matrix elements
stdfilt Local standard deviation of image
strel Morphological structuring element
stretchlim Find limits to contrast stretch image
subimage Display multiple images in single figure
superpixels 2-D superpixel oversegmentation of images
superpixels3 3-D superpixel oversegmentation of 3-D image
tformarray Apply spatial transformation to N-D array
tformfwd Apply forward spatial transformation
tforminv Apply inverse spatial transformation
tonemap Render high dynamic range image for viewing
truesize Adjust display size of image
visboundaries Plot region boundaries
viscircles Create circle
warp Display image as texture-mapped surface
watershed Watershed transform
whitepoint XYZ color values of standard illuminants
wiener2 2-D adaptive noise-removal filtering
xyz2double Convert XYZ color values to double
xyz2lab Convert CIE 1931 XYZ to CIE 1976 L*a*b*
xyz2rgb Convert CIE 1931 XYZ to RGB
xyz2uint16 Convert XYZ color values to uint16
ycbcr2rgb Convert YCbCr color values to RGB color space
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