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Geometric Transformations

Resize, rotate, and crop images; perform geometric transformation of multidimensional arrays


imcrop Crop image
imresize Resize image
imrotate Rotate image
imtranslate Translate image
impyramid Image pyramid reduction and expansion
imwarp Apply geometric transformation to image
fitgeotrans Fit geometric transformation to control point pairs
imtransform Apply 2-D spatial transformation to image
findbounds Find output bounds for spatial transformation
fliptform Flip input and output roles of TFORM structure
makeresampler Create resampling structure
maketform Create spatial transformation structure (TFORM)
tformarray Apply spatial transformation to N-D array
tformfwd Apply forward spatial transformation
tforminv Apply inverse spatial transformation
checkerboard Create checkerboard image


affine2d 2-D Affine Geometric Transformation
affine3d 3-D Affine Geometric Transformation
projective2d 2-D Projective Geometric Transformation
images.geotrans.PiecewiseLinearTransformation2D 2-D piecewise linear geometric transformation
images.geotrans.PolynomialTransformation2D 2-D Polynomial Geometric Transformation
images.geotrans.LocalWeightedMeanTransformation2D 2-D Local Weighted Mean Geometric Transformation

Examples and How To

Resize an Image with imresize Function

This example shows how to resize an image using the imresize function.

Rotate an Image

Describes how to use the imrotate function to rotate an image

Crop an Image

Describes how to use the imcrop function to extract a rectangular portion of an image

Translate an Image

This example shows how to perform a translation operation on an image using the imtranslate function.

Specify Fill Values in Geometric Transformation Output

This example shows how to specify the fill values used by imwarp when it performs a geometric transformation.

Crop Image Using Image Viewer App

Image Viewer's Crop Image tool

Perform Simple 2-D Translation Transformation

This example shows how to perform a simple affine transformation called a translation.

Register Two Images Using Spatial Referencing to Enhance Display

This example shows how to use spatial referencing objects to understand the spatial relationship between two images in image registration and display them effectively.


2-D Geometric Transformation Process Overview

Describes how to perform a general geometric transformation of a 2-D image

Understanding What Happens in Geometric Transformation

imwarp determines the value of pixels in the output image by mapping the new locations back to the corresponding locations in the input image (inverse mapping).

N-Dimensional Spatial Transformations

Describes the toolbox functions you can use to perform N-D spatial transformations of arrays

Geometric Transformation Types

The Image Processing Toolbox™ provides functionality for applying geometric transformations to register images.

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