Geometric Transformations

Resize, rotate, and crop images; perform geometric transformation of multidimensional arrays


imcrop Crop image
imresize Resize image
imrotate Rotate image
imtranslate Translate image
impyramid Image pyramid reduction and expansion
imwarp Apply geometric transformation to image
fitgeotrans Fit geometric transformation to control point pairs
imtransform Apply 2-D spatial transformation to image
findbounds Find output bounds for spatial transformation
fliptform Flip input and output roles of TFORM structure
makeresampler Create resampling structure
maketform Create spatial transformation structure (TFORM)
tformarray Apply spatial transformation to N-D array
tformfwd Apply forward spatial transformation
tforminv Apply inverse spatial transformation
checkerboard Create checkerboard image


affine2d 2-D Affine Geometric Transformation
affine3d 3-D Affine Geometric Transformation
projective2d 2-D Projective Geometric Transformation
images.geotrans.PiecewiseLinearTransformation2D 2-D piecewise linear geometric transformation
images.geotrans.PolynomialTransformation2D 2-D Polynomial Geometric Transformation
images.geotrans.LocalWeightedMeanTransformation2D 2-D Local Weighted Mean Geometric Transformation
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