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Common Geometric Transformations

Resize, rotate, crop, and perform other common image geometric image transformations

Use these functions to perform common geometric transformations. For example, use imresize to resize an image.


imcrop Crop image
imresize Resize image
imresize3 Resize 3-D volumetric intensity image
imrotate Rotate image
imrotate3 Rotate 3-D volumetric grayscale image
imtranslate Translate image
impyramid Image pyramid reduction and expansion


Understanding What Happens in Geometric Transformation

imwarp determines the value of pixels in the output image by mapping the new locations back to the corresponding locations in the input image (inverse mapping).

Resize an Image with imresize Function

This example shows how to magnify and shrink an image using the imresize function.

Rotate an Image with imrotate Function

To rotate an image, use the imrotate function.

Crop an Image

To extract a rectangular portion of an image, use the imcrop function.

Translate an Image using imtranslate Function

To shift an image vertically or horizontally, use the imtranslate function.

Crop Image Using Image Viewer App

To crop an image in the Image Viewer app, use the Crop Image tool.

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