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Image Arithmetic

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide images


imabsdiffAbsolute difference of two images
imaddAdd two images or add constant to image
imapplymatrixLinear combination of color channels
imcomplementComplement image
imdivideDivide one image into another or divide image by constant
imlincombLinear combination of images
immultiplyMultiply two images or multiply image by constant
imsubtractSubtract one image from another or subtract constant from image


Image Arithmetic Functions

Image arithmetic is the implementation of standard arithmetic operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, on images.

Nest Calls to Image Arithmetic Functions

Learn how to maintain precision when performing a series of arithmetic operations in combination..

Image Arithmetic Saturation Rules

Learn how to deal with results of image arithmetic that exceed the range of the image data type.

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