Image Segmentation

Segment images


activecontour Segment image into foreground and background using active contour
imsegfmm Binary image segmentation using Fast Marching Method
imseggeodesic Segment image into two or three regions using geodesic distance-based color segmentation
gradientweight Calculate weights for image pixels based on image gradient
graydiffweight Calculate weights for image pixels based on grayscale intensity difference
grayconnected Select contiguous image region with similar gray values
graythresh Global image threshold using Otsu's method
multithresh Multilevel image thresholds using Otsu's method
otsuthresh Global histogram threshold using Otsu's method
adaptthresh Adaptive image threshold using local first-order statistics
boundarymask Find region boundaries of segmentation
superpixels 2-D superpixel oversegmentation of images
imoverlay Burn binary mask into 2-D image
label2idx Convert label matrix to cell array of linear indices


Color Thresholder Threshold color image
Image Segmenter Segment image using active contours algorithm
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