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Interactive Exploration with the Image Viewer App

View and explore images using the Image Viewer app, set display preferences

Use the Image Viewer app to view and explore images. The Image Viewer app includes tools that you can use to examine image pixels in detail, crop an image, and measure distances between pixels. Use the imtool function to launch the Image Viewer.


Image Viewer View and explore images


imtool Image Viewer app
imageinfo Image Information tool
imcontrast Adjust Contrast tool
imdisplayrange Display Range tool
imdistline Distance tool
impixelinfo Pixel Information tool
impixelinfoval Pixel Information tool without text label
impixelregion Pixel Region tool
immagbox Magnification box for scroll panel
imoverview Overview tool for image displayed in scroll panel
iptgetpref Get values of Image Processing Toolbox preferences
iptprefs Display Image Processing Toolbox Preferences dialog box
iptsetpref Set Image Processing Toolbox preferences or display valid values


Display Images with Image Viewer App

Learn how to display, explore, and process images with the Image Viewer app.

Explore Images with the Image Viewer App

Image Viewer provides navigation aids including the Overview tool, panning, and zooming.

Crop Image Using Image Viewer App

To crop an image in the Image Viewer app, use the Crop Image tool.

Get Image Information in Image Viewer App

To get information about the displayed image in Image Viewer app, use Image Information tool.

Image Processing Toolbox Preferences

Set Image Processing Toolbox™ preferences to control how images are displayed on your screen.

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