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Large Image Files

Read and navigate very large images

A very large image might not load in Image Viewer, or if the image does load, zooming and panning can be slow. In either case, creating a reduced resolution data set (R-Set) can improve performance. Use the Image Viewer to navigate an R-Set image the same way you navigate a standard image.


isrsetCheck if file is R-Set
openrsetOpen R-Set file
rsetwriteCreate reduced resolution data set from image file
imtoolImage Viewer app
blockprocDistinct block processing for image


ImageAdapterInterface for image I/O


Create and Open Reduced Resolution Files

A reduced resolution (R-Set) file creates a smaller version of an image file by dividing the image into spatial tiles and resampling the image.

Block Size and Performance

Using larger block sizes reduces overall computation time but requires more memory to process each block.

Perform Block Processing on Image Files in Unsupported Formats

To work with image data in file formats not supported by block processing functions, construct a class that manages files based on region.

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