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Region and Image Properties

Get information about the objects in an image


regionprops Measure properties of image regions
bwarea Area of objects in binary image
bwconncomp Find connected components in binary image
bwconvhull Generate convex hull image from binary image
bwdist Distance transform of binary image
bwdistgeodesic Geodesic distance transform of binary image
bweuler Euler number of binary image
bwperim Find perimeter of objects in binary image
bwselect Select objects in binary image
graydist Gray-weighted distance transform of grayscale image
imcontour Create contour plot of image data
imhist Histogram of image data
impixel Pixel color values
improfile Pixel-value cross-sections along line segments
corr2 2-D correlation coefficient
mean2 Average or mean of matrix elements
std2 Standard deviation of matrix elements
bwlabel Label connected components in 2-D binary image
bwlabeln Label connected components in binary image
labelmatrix Create label matrix from bwconncomp structure
bwpack Pack binary image
bwunpack Unpack binary image
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