Convert axes coordinates to pixel coordinates


pixelx = axes2pix(dim, XDATA, AXESX)


pixelx = axes2pix(dim, XDATA, AXESX) converts an axes coordinate into an intrinsic ("pixel") coordinate. For example, if pt = get(gca,'CurrentPoint') then AXESX could be pt(1,1) or pt(1,2). AXESX must be in intrinsic coordinates. XDATA is a two-element vector returned by get(image_handle, 'XData') or get(image_handle,'YData'). dim is the number of image columns for the x coordinate, or the number of image rows for the y coordinate.

Class Support

dim, XDATA, and AXESX can be double. The output is double.


axes2pix performs minimal checking on the validity of AXESX, DIM, or XDATA. For example, axes2pix returns a negative coordinate if AXESX is less than XDATA(1). The function calling axes2pix bears responsibility for error checking.


Example with default XData and YData.

h = imshow('pout.tif');
[nrows,ncols] = size(get(h,'CData'));
xdata = get(h,'XData')
ydata = get(h,'YData')
px = axes2pix(ncols,xdata,30)
py = axes2pix(nrows,ydata,30)

Example with non-default XData and YData.

xdata = [10 100]
ydata = [20 90]
px = axes2pix(ncols,xdata,30)
py = axes2pix(nrows,ydata,30)

Introduced before R2006a

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